Another Day in the U.P.

It’s finally just about dark here in Marquette, MI – we still can’t get used to a 9:30 sunset. (Next week we’ll be on the other side of the time line, so it will be a very different story!) We’ve had a pretty interesting day, sightseeing in the Pictured Rocks National Shoreline that runs along on the south shore of Lake Superior. The sights were amazing – everything from huge sand dunes to towering cliffs revealing the beauty of God’s paintbrush. We did, however, not notice that the dotted lines on the map not only showed the way to go, but also indicated that they were dirt roads. Yes, today we took our dear Lizzie (towing the truck) on 30 miles of curvy, hilly, narrow dirt roads. It was quite an experience. And just to make it more interesting, we even picked up a couple of hitch hikers! Yes, two weary college age hikers had their thumbs out as we were going along, so we offered them a ride. Joe & Justin really appreciated the ride and we enjoyed their company! I think they even liked the PB&J sandwich we had for lunch. We let them out before we turned to see the actual Pictured Rocks, so we can only suppose that they made it the rest of the way to their car. It was fun having them bumping along with us on the endless dirt road!
Another first today – we were all set in the Walmart here in Marquette when we decided to go across the road to fill up with fuel. By the time we returned an additional 4 RV has pulled in, and the official Walmart Parking Lot Guy told us that they were full and had no more room for any more campers. Yep, the Walmart Campground does have a limit! We moved across to the Target lot – no one has kicked us out yet, so I think we’re good to go!
Tomorrow we head a little further north on the U.P. It’s so beautiful – and very remote. Today was quite blustery and the lake had white caps and huge waves breaking on the beach. We felt like we were at the ocean!
Sweet dreams, all!

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