Our Weekend on the Road

We left our Sower Project on Thursday night and headed to Milwaukee (see the post about the tornadoes!) Friday was spent connecting with “phone friends” that I had met over the years at HPI. We needed to be in Minneapolis on Monday, so we had the weekend to see the sights between Fond du Lac and Minnesota. One of our stops in Fond du Lac was at the Galloway House and Village. It was an historic house that had been restored and then additional buildings were added to the property to recreate life in the 1880’s. There was lots of interesting information about the area and it was a fun morning. After that we headed out across the state. We went as far as Eau Claire, and saw lots of pretty scenery along the way. Wisconsin goes from beautiful rolling hills to corn fields as far as the eye can see. It was a very enjoyable trip across the state – I just love going on new (to me anyway) roads. While we were in Eau Claire we went to the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewery, a couple of cheese factories, and had a great breakfast at The Downing Café – no website here – it’s in the basement of the Civic Building in the very tiny town of (you guessed it) Downing!
Tonight we’re just outside of St. Paul, MN. Not too far from where Laura Ingalls Wilder began her journey west, Pepin, WI the setting for – “Little House In the Big Woods”.

Here are some corny shots for our travels this weekend. Wisconsin is a very beautiful state!
Corn as far as the eye can see!

If there’s this much corn in Wisconsin, I wonder what Iowa will be like! (That’s our Tuesday trip!=) )

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