Reflections on the Lake….

We’re already hundreds of miles from our Lake Lundgren Bible Camp project, but I wanted to share just a little more about our time there. We were delighted by gold finches and hummingbirds, and charmed by chipmunks playing around Lizzie. We were able to pick blackberries and raspberries as we walked to our RV’s after work. We were invited to enjoy meals during the week – a blessing both to our pocketbook and also to our taste buds! We had our ups (that giant ski jump at Pine Mountain) and we had our downs (the iron ore mine at Iron Mountain). One of my new Sower friends (Carol) and I made a trip to Escanaba, MI , and once again we made our way to Lake Michigan (or the bay that’s right there). Here is a shot from that day….
Escanaba, MI

We’ve made a whole batch of new SOWER friends and camp friends. I got to work in the kitchen which was a delight for me, and Gary got to use his electrical skills on a variety of projects. (OK, so the ditch digging part of the project wasn’t quite as much fun for him as some of the other aspects of his jobs…). Here are some of my kitchen friends – Bryon, Bibbie, Ruth (and me). Such Godly people – it was a privilege to peel carrots for them!

This is a beautiful camp – our last Sunday there we were witnesses to the baptism of three campers whose lives had been changed through that ministry. God is at work here!

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