As the sun sets…..

If you’re tired of me posting sunset pictures, just let me know. It probably won’t change anything, but hey, I’d love to hear from you!

Sorry for the delay in getting any updates posted. The “no internet” connection has been a good learning tool for me. I must WAIT and BE ORGANIZED for when I have the opportunity to get online. So, here is a quick up-date of our comings and goings for the last week or so….

We had a great weekend seeing the sights in the area. We did make it to Starved Rock State Park, which is a lovely park on the Illinois River with lots of hiking and interesting history. After our time there we headed across the river to the US Army Corps of Engineers, Illinois Waterway Visitor Center. We were able to watch several huge barges (pushed by one lonely tugboat) go through Lock 14. It was very interesting, and another “first” for us. Our Sower friends Lee and Esther Smith joined us for the day. (Their “story” is very similar to ours – they are just our age, quit their jobs, sold their house, and took off in a fifth wheel trailer to be full-time Sowers. Like us, they had never done any RV-camping before and also like us, they feel very honored and blessed to be part of the ministry. We’ve had a great time with them at this project, both at work and play!) We had a nice lunch out at a local spot, checked out a couple of winery tours and enjoyed some of the lovely Illinois scenery. Yes, there is more to Illinois than corn and soybeans. Although – there is plenty of that!
The rest of the weekend was spent doing chores and putzing around Lizzie (the RV). Even though it’s small, there are always things to do. Right now Gary is in the process of waxing her. It’s a several day job – and we’ve been in such a heat wave here, that it’s been hard to get motivated to be out in the hot sun.
And now here we are with just two days left at this project. Esther & I have been busy cleaning the 14 cabins, and I will definitely hire her when I open my B&B! Gary has been doing all kinds of things, from installing sliding boards to taking a day’s trip to look at some ice machines at a sister camp. It’s hard to believe we’ll be heading out in just two days. This has been a good project – we’ve had great community with our Sower Family, and we’ve been blessed by being used of the Lord here.
By early next week we’ll be in Columbus for a week with Toby, Tammy and the girls, and Josiah and Lara are planning on coming out for the weekend we’ll be there. We’re really looking forward to that!
From there we head to Smithville, Tennessee for another project – and then we’re still trying to figure out what to do in November. The great need on the Gulf Coast is weighing heavy on our hearts, and we’re praying about what God would have us to do to be a help there. We’ll keep you posted!

3 thoughts on “As the sun sets…..”

  1. Hi, I’ve read every one of your postings and looked at all your pictures and love all the sunsets. I guess I am a bit jealous. Some people do have to work!! I finished the quilt that I was doing for the school. Took me 48 hours total. It was an advanced IV design. Hey, everyone picked the design-I just sewed it. It is really nice and should bring a pretty penny/dollars. Go where God leads you whether it be Louisiana or wherever. Have a good visit with the kids and grandkids!!

  2. I agree with Carol. There can never be too many sunset pictures. God paints one every night for us and I’m sure He doesn’t mind you sharing them with us. Don’t let Carol fool you, the quilt is beautiful and I know it took her a bit longer than 48 hours! Have a great time with Toby, Tammy, the grandkids, Josiah and Lara. We sure miss you around here!

  3. Hey – can someone send me a photo of that quilt. I was there at the beginning, remember? (Ah, the chaos!).
    Glad to hear that the photos are OK –

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