Ending the month, beginning the project….

It was a beautiful day for the last leg of our trip. We had spent the night at a reasonably quiet Walmart in Lebanon, TN and only had about 30 miles to reach Lighthouse Christian Camp. I honestly never knew what a pretty state Tennessee was! We are just about in the middle of the state, surrounded by mountains. This camp is nestled in the mountains, and we are once again struck by the beauty of God’s creation. And how blessed we are to be able to be parked in the midst of it!
This is the view from our living room~ I expect that by the end of our stay here the leaves will be starting to change!

We’ve settled in, hooked up the utilities, and met the neighbors (seems like a fun, hardworking bunch!). Tomorrow we’ll check out the rest of the camp and downtown Smithville. And of course there are always chores to do around the “house”!

Oh – a surprising bonus – we even have good phone signal! God is good!

One thought on “Ending the month, beginning the project….”

  1. You should go to Cumberland Falls while you’re in TN. I was there sometime in college and remember it being really cool. Sometimes the waterfall creates a rainbow with moonlight.

    Love you!

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