Weekend Report

Today was a perfect fall day! And here is how it began~
This is the early morning view from the dining hall deck.

Since it’s our last week at this project, we are all focusing on wrapping up our tasks and beginning to think about moving on. We’ve had such a good time here – we’ve been blessed by working with some great folks and have truly enjoyed these Tennessee mountains. We haven’t done quite as much sight seeing as I’d like to have done, but all in all have had a fine time! Our “family visitation” weekend was great fun- it was wonderful to meet members of the next generation, and it was also wonderful to see some dear folks from the previous generation – Gary’s Aunt Sis and Uncle Rich. Here’s a shot of Uncle Rich and Austin – guess you can tell they’re related!

So from here we head to Mississippi where we’ll be working at a camp (Harvest Ministries) that was directly in the path of Katrina. I’m not sure what damage they sustained from the hurricane, but I know we’ll find lots to do there. One of the couples we’ve been working with here are also headed to that project – it will be the first time we’ll actually know someone at the project.

And one last shot from our weekend – Gary & I with little Molly.

Ah, sweet family!

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