Land of the Fallen Trees and Blue Tarps

Greetings from Mississippi!
We’re at our November project, Harvest Ministries in Carson, MS (it’s pretty close to Columbia, MS which is actually on a map!). The area is directly above New Orleans (about 70 miles) so it was pretty hard hit by Katrina. This camp has countless LARGE trees down, and damage to about 5 of their buildings. The roads have been cleared, but there are still huge amounts of debris around. I’m sure there will be lots for us to do here.
We’re settled in, checked out downtown Columbia, and are looking forward to a busy time here. While our time off is always refreshing, it’s still nice to stay put, do a little “nest building” (getting out pictures and pretty things), and getting into a routine.

I think I see chain saws in Gary’s future! =)

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