Another year older….

So last Wednesday was my birthday (54!). It was a beautiful day, and the gang here had cake and ice cream for me (candles, even!) and we played games in the evening. Ever hopeful, I carried my phone with me all day in anticipation of getting calls from the kids. We were playing cards when the phone rang- it was Josiah’s special ring!
Hi, Honey – how are you?
Good Mom – I have a question for you.
So, how do you make cinnamon sugar?
Blah, blah, blah(give detailed instructions on making CS…)
So, say I, anything else….?
Well, looks like I’ll be painting the fence this weekend..
That’s great……anything else?
Well, are you guys having a good time in Mississippi?
Yes, we’re having lots of fun…..anything else?
Nope, just wanted to check on that cinnamon sugar stuff…..
Well, I thought maybe you were calling to wish me a Happy Birthday.
Ohhhhhhhis it’s November isn’t it?
Yep. It’s even November 9th!
Well, Happy Birthday! Good thing I called! =)

So my dear son Josiah, (“bless his heart” as they say here in the south), having no recollection that it was my birthday, was the only child who actually called on my birthday. Serendipity, he said! Lara had a good excuse (and had called me earlier in the week), and Toby called on Saturday (the 12th) pretending it was the 9th. Nice Try!

Gotta love ‘em all!
and we sure do! =)

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