This is Mississippi?

Last weekend we did a little bit of sightseeing – checking out the local “Mississippi Grand Canyon”. Don’t be alarmed – the real Grand Canyon (or even the PA Grand Canyon) has nothing to worry about. It did take us to one of the highest spots in the area – Red Bluff. Here’s a shot of the “canyon” and then another one of us right on the edge. It was a very beautiful day, and I have to say that it was a surprising part of Mississippi.

While our time here has been spent in the “Pine Belt”, there are still open hay fields. This one is on our way to town, and it seems to surprise me every time in its simple beauty.

Tomorrow is our last “work” day. These three weeks go by so quickly. We’ll be staying through the weekend and then will begin our trek back to Jamison. It will be good to see family and friends before we head to Columbus for Christmas, and then to Texas for Jan-Mar.
Just to get us ready to be “north” for December, the temperature tonight is dipping into the 20’s. What’s that all about?
Brrr – it’s the down comforter for us! =)

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