Time to go!

Tomorrow we begin our long journey home. By Wednesday we should be in the Eastern Time Zone, Thursday we’ll be enjoying Thanksgiving with our friends the Sensings, and by Sunday we should be in Doylestown! It’s been a challenge to pack for a 5 week, 3 location time (including two holidays) away from our home on wheels and at the same time get that home ready to stay behind. The weather has been dipping below freezing, so we pretty much have to winterize her before we leave. When you’re used to taking everything you own along with you, it’s seems funny to be pulling out a suitcase and packing. The truck is getting pretty full……..

This has been a good project. While there wasn’t the devastation from Katrina that was found farther south, it still was a blessing to be able to be a small part in helping with the recovery. We never made it to the Gulf Coast. Somehow it just didn’t seem right to just go to “see” without being able to lend a hand. We’ll be coming back this way (after all, we have to retrieve Lizzie!), so it will be interesting to see the progress made.

I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to post before Thanksgiving, so I wish you all a blessed day. We have so much to be thankful for – and our travels have continued to remind us what a great and creative God we serve.

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