God is Good….All the Time

We learned this week that my dear little great niece Molly (just 3 months old) was born with a severe hearing loss in both ears. In the message that we got from her Mom & Dad (Mike & Robyn) they expressed the following request for prayer….
We have appreciated your prayers and thoughts to this point and we continue to covet them. Pray specifically for Robyn and me as we absorb
this information and adjust to some unforseen changes in our life. Pray for Molly that some improvement would occur over time with her hearing.
Most importantly though, pray that we all would see and continue to see God’s sovereign grace through all of this. Pray that this might prove to be something that God uses to mold us more in conformity with his will and something that he uses in Molly’s life to bring her to salvation and
grow her into a woman whose chief desire is our Lord Jesus

Their road ahead is filled with questions and unknowns, but they are resting in the promises of our Lord. And so we’ll keep praying.
Mike ended his email with the following hymn –
“Whate’er my God ordains is right: Holy his will abideth;
I will be still whate’er he doth; And follow where he guideth;
He is my God; Though dark my road, He holds me that I
shall not fall: Wherefore to him I leave it all.”

We woke up to snow today. Ah, the delights of being home. But the true delight was worshiping with good friends and getting lots of hugs. =)

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  1. HI Steph.
    Please know I will be praying for Mike & Robin and little Molly. She is precious in HIS sight!

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