San Antonio

We’ve settled in at a lovely campground (yes, a REAL campground!) and are enjoying the blessings of being hooked up to utilities and sewer. We’re good for about a week without needing any outside attention, but it always feels good to put out the slides, set the clock on the microwave and be able to take a non-military shower! After a nice relaxing afternoon (well, I did manage to get the laundry done), we decided to head into downtown San Antonio and take in the Riverwalk. Apparently that was a good decision, because they drain the Riverwalk area TONIGHT and for the next month it becomes the Mudwalk. (And of course some smart marketing person has put together an entire Mud Celebration theme for later in the month!). At any rate, it was a beautiful night for a stroll, and the Riverwalk was a beautiful spot to take it. Temperatures have been about 15 degrees higher than normal (it was 80 today) and we are lovin’ it!
Lot’s more to see while we’re here – but here’s a a true Texas Sunset –
You can tell by the Taco Cabana and Whataburger signs!

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