A Major Breakthrough

Today I drove Lizzie.
Yes, really drove her – not just around the block going 7 miles per hour. While we driving south through the great open spaces of Texas, we decided it was a good time to put me behind the wheel. So we switched seats, I adjusted the seat and mirrors and I pulled out into TRAFFIC! Yes, fast moving like interstate type traffic. OK, so there wasn’t anything coming when I actually pulled out, but you get my drift. After about a mile or so, my shoulders relaxed enough so that I could remember to breathe. (Mind you, the knuckles were still pretty white.) I held it steady, set the cruise control to a mild 55 mph, and drove. Just when I was beginning to feel like maybe I could do this for a stretch, there before my eyes was a flashing sign that said (in no uncertain terms) – NARROW LANES AHEAD. So, that was when I decided to learn how to pull OFF of the interstate!
Stephanie – 8 miles
Gary – 20,153 miles

Hey, it’s a start!

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