Adventures in Dentistry

As many of you know, one of the reasons that we headed to southern Texas for this winter was for Gary to get some dental work done in Mexico. Yes, we had heard that many folks go to Mexico for their dental work, and in fact we got a recommendation for a dentist that would only charge us for lab work since we were working at The Way of the Cross (our January project). Since we are talking about several extractions, crowns and bridges, this is a HUGE savings for us. So off we went to the Dentista to begin the process – just a simple extraction. Turns out that there are some pretty long roots in Gary’s mouth – and it took three hours, three dentists (the first one just wore out!), and 5 shots of Novocain before that single tooth was out. It was a VERY LONG day. But much to our amazement, there was very little pain the next day, and he seems to be fine today. His jaw is a little tight just from having to stay open for so long, but otherwise he’s ready for the next visit….this Wednesday. And the adventure continues…….

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