Heading to Hidalgo

We left our January project yesterday. It is always a bittersweet parting – sad to say goodbye to the new friends we have made, but always exciting to look forward to what the Lord has for us around the next corner. Not only did we leave behind good friends, but we also left our walking buddy, Roscoe the black lab. He pretty much adopted us and we enjoyed his company. Here he is after our morning walk. He actually followed the RV out to the end of the drive when we left….hopefully the next Sowers will love him too (and have a supply of biscuits!)

So tomorrow we head to Calvary Commission which is located in the middle of Hidalgo, TX – within walking distance of the border. It’s been said that we’re not really in South Texas, we’re in North Mexico, and I think that is true. We drove to Hidalgo today – and I think there were more signs in Spanish than English. It’s really disconcerting when the clerk at the gas station doesn’t speak English. Language difficulties aside, we are loving the people we’ve met and the food is wonderful. (we found a spot that makes fresh breakfast tacos – the tortillas come right off the griddle – for 99 cents! Gotta love that!) The landscape is a little drab right now (after all, just because it was 87 today it IS winter!), but it’s growing on us. Spending time “in town” will be a switch for us, but we’re looking forward to the experience.

Today is our 18 month anniversay of being “on the road”. I’m happy to report we’re still good friends (maybe even better than when we left!), and haven’t run out of money yet. Happiness all!

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