First of all this is not about that Hawaiian delicacy “poi”, but rather about what our mapping program affectionately calls Points of Interest. Now these POIs could be Walmart and the closest gas station, but we like to only consider those POI’s that really are I. (Interesting!).
We’ve seen some pretty interesting things along the way – from the snow measurement in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (390 inches total in 1978-79) to the Pickle House, also in the UP.

And we’ve run across some grand POI’s here in The Valley. Over in Harlingen is the original sculpture from which the original Iwo Jima Flag Raising statue was commissioned. There is an interesting museum there dedicated to that battle and is often hosted by an Iwo Jima survivor. It was an impressive monument to great heroism –
And here in Hidalgo, within walking distance of our current home, is that huge Killer Bee. As mentioned before, Hidalgo has the honor of being the first point of entry (or at least the one where the bees must have checked in with customs) of the Killer Bee’s march north. This is a pretty impressive statue – and an interesting item to market as the town’s claim to fame!

Other Conrad News – Gary made it back to the dentist on Friday. This was a very different experience (I’m happy to report!). Another two extractions – but it was all over in under a half hour! Whew! He’s recovering nicely, has gotten over the initial trauma, and so on with the dental work we go!

AND….we have a bona fide offer on the house! Actually we had TWO – go figure. Everything looks good, so we’re hopeful that this will actually result in us no longer owning the house! Praise the Lord!

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