Beautiful, beautiful children….

The trip to the orphanage was on! We decided to cross the border into Reynosa on foot since there was heavy security returning into the US which was causing long (several hour) delays. After we crossed into Mexico we were picked up by a staff member of the orphanage. It was a short ride – the facility is right in the middle of the city. The orphanage houses about 55 children, ages 2-18, along with a school and a church. It is unusual for one of these children to be adopted so most will always call this complex “home”. While there is always work that need to be done (they are currently finishing off several apartment units which house children in a more “family unit” setting), it was a lovely oasis of calm (and dare I say, cleanliness) in the midst of a city that does not always reflect those qualities. We visited the classrooms (and got to share some hugs), and met the ‘little ones’ that are not yet in school. The kids were amazing! The staff there is really dedicated to being Jesus to them and we were blessed to be able to visit them even briefly.
One of the beautiful little ones…

We walked back to the bridge in the rain, but it was a great trip!

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