Hidalgo, TX is a true border town. Lots of small custom brokers, places to exchange pesos into dollars (and back again), and store after store that advertises ROPA USADA. We were very curious – and finally learned that it means “Used Clothing”. These stores give a whole new meaning to Thrift Shops. In these stores you buy used clothes by the pound. The bad part is, once you find something you like, you still have to buy the whole bundle (and that would be 100#s of ropa usada). Like I said, a whole new meaning!

We’ve officially left Hidalgo, and are in the process of moving “north” all the way to Pharr, TX (that’s about 15 miles north). Tonight we’re at a Camping World parking lot since we have an early appointment there tomorrow. So we’ll spend the day jaunting about in the truck – probably doing some shopping and getting the oil changed. Then on Friday we head into our March project, Grace Community Church. We’ve worshipped there a couple of times already, so we have it all scoped out!

Other Conrad news….the house sale seems to be staying on track this time. The second check has arrived, the home inspection has been done (though we are still waiting on that report), and the appraisal has been ordered. Josiah is busy looking for a new place to live, and we are working on our schedule so we can be there for the settlement (early April). Can it be, this is really going to happen???????
And the dental work is going pretty well. Right now Gary has a mouth full of temporary crowns and bridges (19 in all!!!!!). The “real” ones are scheduled for the 20th – yuk – almost three weeks away. But he seems to be doing ok, though I don’t think he’s going to be eating steak any time soon! He’ll be a new guy by the time we get home again!

Maybe next time we go to Mexico we’ll get to see something other than the inside of the dentist office……….=)

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