A Mariachi Weekend!

Phew, it was a busy weekend!
It started quietly enough – we took a nice long walk in the morning and then tidied up and did some chores around the house. (Yes, there are still chores to be done!). Then we went shopping for a new chair. We’d been looking for a comfortable chair to use both as a computer chair and a dining chair and finally found one we liked (along with the price we liked). Assembly was required so that was another afternoon adventure (not so much the assembly, but finding the space to do the assembly!). We hung around home in the evening (testing the chair?), which was a good thing since the next day was packed!!!!
We left early for a shopping day in Progresso, Mexico. It was a such a treat to being going to Progresso and NOT going to the dentist. We found some treasures and even honed our skills at bargaining. I think we did OK for amateurs!
From there we headed to huge flea market (back in the good old US!) where we had scoped out some “stuff” from a previous visit. We were pretty focused, but by that time of the day it was well into the 90’s and we were melting fast! Back home by 3:30, recovered (cooled down and cleaned-up) and then headed out to an evening concert of Mariachi and Grupo Folklorico – Latin Folk Dancing. It was done completely by high school students, but believe me, it’s like no other school concert I’ve ever been to! The talent was amazing – and the show was impressive. Sub titles would have been nice, but like so often happens, music somehow crosses over those language barriers.
Sunday after church we headed to a wonderful buffet….where at one point I had both sushi and enchiladas on my plate. Not sure if that’s legal, but everything was quite delicious! It was a total recovery day – and another scorcher!

Back to work today – Gary was painting lines in the parking lot (a nice switch from A/C work) and I was cleaning classrooms. This is spring break, so it’s pretty quiet around here (though over on South Padre Island it’s a totally different story!). And tonight we found a 50 cent movie – The End of the Spear. A good movie – and a nice night out.

Lights out is just around the corner!

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