Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

Every time we drove to the dentist (and as you recall, there were many such drives) we passed the entrance of the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. And every time, I wanted to stop. Yesterday (now that we’re down to our last weekend in The Valley) we finally made it! (I think the trick was not to combine it with a dental visit!). It was worth the wait! There was a wonderful video, a great Visitor’s center and several walking/hiking trails. After we took one of the walks, we hopped on the Tram that took an hour+ guided tour around the reserve. Lots of info about Texas/Mexico flora and fauna, and while we only saw a couple of the fauna, it was a good tour. We were planning on taking a bike ride around the property, but since it was now in the 90’s, we opted for the air conditioned car! On our way home we stopped at that great Farmer’s market and picked up some more goodies (and an ice cream cone!)
Here are a couple of pictures from the day – there are more here if you’d like to see them. Quite a variety of sights!
First the Spanish Moss
And then the Cactus!

Today was a chore day – along with another enjoying the A/C day. Although we had a cold front come through this past week (that means one day it only made it up to the low 70’s), looks like we’re back on the early summer streak. On one hand it’s hard to believe we’re on our last week here in the valley, but on the other hand it seems like we’ve been here a little too long. We haven’t stayed in one area for three months before – and I confess, we’re ready to move on. Plus, we have some exciting things coming up in the near future… next time, OK?

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  1. So…where’s the picture of Dad in the hat!?

    (Also, I posted some pics of the girls and Toby and Tammy on Flickr).

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