A change of scenery….

We’ve left the land of palm trees and cactus plants (along with sugar cane fields and citrus groves) and moved to the land of dogwood and redbud trees. Right now we are nestled among towering pine trees at the ALERT Academy in Big Sandy, TX. (ALERT is a Sower project and stands for Air Land Emergency Resource Team. It’s quite a campus!) We’re here for the Texas SOWER Reunion – which basically means that about 70 Sower couples have gathered for fun and fellowship for a couple of days. We’ve enjoyed making new friends and connecting with folks we’ve worked with before. It’s been a nice time of refreshment after our three months in The Valley. The weather today was gloomy, but the last two days have been just gorgeous!
One more day and then we do the giant eastward trek – we need to be in Maryland by Saturday. Should be an interesting couple of days! I don’t think we’ll be doing any sightseeing along the way…….

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