Free to a good home!

Now that settlement is just around the bend (Friday, April 7th!) we have just one last piece of furniture that needs a home. We were hopeful that the buyers would want to keep it, but at this point, we’re pretty sure they don’t. So….if anyone out there would like a beautiful (though not in tune) antique square piano, or has any suggestions of someone (or some institution) that would, please leave a comment here (or call me if you know the number!). Here it is….
It was a beautiful centerpiece for our Victorian front “parlor”, but alas, it doesn’t fit in the RV! There is some damage to the top, and like I said, it doesn’t hold a tune (I think the soundboard is cracked), but as a piece of furniture, it’s great! HELP!!!!!!!!

And on other matters –
Here is our route across the country- from the Reunion in Big Sandy, TX to our project at Sandy Cove in Maryland. We left a day early so we’re just outside of Nashville and well on our way! A dear Sower friend of ours passed away yesterday, and we are hopeful that we’ll be home in time to go to his memorial service. He and his wife live in Lancaster, PA, so it seemed like a do-able thing as long as we don’t dawdle along the way.
And now we’re headed to bed!

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