Dorothy, we’re not in Texas anymore!

Texas was great. Honest! We enjoyed the area, met some great people, and worked at interesting and worthwhile projects. But I must confess, we both were ready for some new scenery. The trip east was uneventful – just long! We managed to miss rush hour in most of the big cities (traveling through Nashville at 5AM was a big help!), and we arrived in North East, Maryland (Sandy Cove Ministries) 52 hours after we left Big Sandy (1400 miles). We were both ready for a nice long shower and long nap. And I must confess, we are both enjoying being back in familiar landscape.
This is the Texas that we knew….
And this is where we were today….
See my point?

One of the interesting parts of a cross country jaunt, is catching the sunset and sunrises when you can. Since we were headed east, the sunset was a little tricky, but many of you know, I go to great lengths to capture those sunsets.
The sunrise was easier (heading east as we were)….so here is a shot of that early morning sun just west of Nashville.

Tomorrow we head into DC to enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival.
Happy Spring!

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