After 21 months, we’re back where we started!

First I’ll try to catch you up!
We had a wonderful “travel” week. Since we didn’t have far to go, we were able to spend time with friends (the Croswells in Danbury, CT) and family (the Lakes in Shrewsbury, MA). Both visits were delightful. When we set out 21 months ago, the Lakes’ driveway was the first stop in our adventure. Hmmm…almost two years on the road, and they’re back where they started, you say? Well, we’re a little puzzled too! But it seems that the Lord is directing our steps back this way this summer for a variety of reasons, and we’re just trying to follow His leading. While we are still anxious to see all of the beauty of the West, we are content to be here in New England for a spell. And I must admit there is something very comforting about driving through familiar terrain and visiting with dear friends.

  • So we have landed at our May home – Straight Ahead Ministries in Hubbardston, MA. This is a relatively new Sower Project, so we’re all learning as we go. Apparently Straight Ahead Ministries purchased this property last spring to use as a residential school for at-risk young men. It’s located right on a small lake (Williamsville Pond) just outside of a classic New England town. Here’s the view from the pool house…..
    Pretty sweet, eh?
    It’s been quiet here this weekend – the boys are all on home visits – and the weather has been perfect. The drive to church today took us through the beautiful New England landscape, dotted with homesteads and gentlemen’s farms. How very lovely it was.
    Tomorrow we get started on the “job” – whatever it is that needs to be done. And so the adventure continues!
  • Oh – here are some additional shots of our time at Sandy Cove.

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