How time flies!

We finished our first week of work at Straight Ahead Academy on Thursday. The guys have been remodeling the interior of a building, and we girls were tackling a couple of painting jobs. The weather had turned cold and rainy, so we were happy to be working inside.
Friday (actually “Saturday 1” in the Sower World) we left early for a weekend trip to our cabin in Vermont. Yippee!!! As many of you know that corner of the world is Very Special to me, and the opportunity to get there this early in the season could not be passed by. Our friends, Stan & Carlie, came along for an overnight and then we stayed until Sunday. Friday was one of those perfect spring days, and we soaked up the sunshine and early spring beauty of the day. Saturday was a little less perfect (weather wise only!), but we still took the opportunity to hike to the top of Wright’s Mountain. Here is a shot of the view from the overlook. We couldn’t see the cabin (it is tucked behind a ridge), but it was pretty cool to pick out the landmarks nearby.

And of course, I always take my favorite “cabin reflected in the pond” picture, but this time I used my photo program to make it into a “watercolor” picture. –

Sunday afternoon we headed back to SAA. It was a perfectly delicious weekend, spending time at our little cabin in the woods with friends and family.

And now it’s Tuesday already and our project is half over! Another SOWER couple has joined the group (they had been delayed due to truck troubles) over the weekend, so we’re keeping busy and getting lots accomplished. The fellowship has been sweet – we might even head into Boston if the weather cooperates this weekend!

Hey, did I mention that we’re flying to see Lara in California on Friday next week? Such excitement! (especially for Gary who really doesn’t like to fly!)

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