Home again – then gone again!

Phew, we made it home. The flight back to Boston was uneventful, the drive back to our home was LONG (who knew that that many cars could be on the Mass Turnpike at 1AM!!!!), and our own bed felt GREAT! Yesterday and today are busy with washing clothes and getting ready to go again (at least for me) as I head tomorrow to VT for my precious Girls’ Week at our cabin. Ahhhh…..
However – about that time in California! IT WAS GREAT!!!! Lara did a superb job of “sampling” the best of the area for us. We saw beaches and mountains, marveled at tall trees and spectacular coastlines, ate Russian Blintz’s and Mexican Enchiladas (to mention just a few of the great meals we had!), and enjoyed historic sights along with a taste of the future (hey, we were in the Silicon Valley!). The weather mostly cooperated and we are ready to head back again. Hopefully for more than a couple of days and in our own “space”. There is a beautiful Sower project nearby that we hope to work at in 2007.
Here are a couple of pictures from our time there. There are others here if you’d like to see more!
This is from our drive down the coast to Big Sur. An amazing drive that I was very happy not to be taking the RV on!

The coast at Big Sur is one of Lara’s favorite spots – and we can see why. It’s so hard to grasp the grandeur of the place….

Our rainy day still was beautiful – this is in Santa Cruz

And here we all are – just outside of Lara’s home. It’s a beautiful campus (Santa Clara University)!

Oh – and of course the Golden Gate Bridge….

I’d better get back to getting organized for the next adventure!

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