“Vacation” is over. Gary made it safe and sound to our June project (America’s Keswick in Whiting, NJ), and I have returned from my very precious “Girls’ Week” in Vermont.

And just to digress a moment about GW 2006 – it was great! I have been blessed with wonderful sisters. And we have been blessed to have this wonderful cabin in Vermont where we can connect with each other once a year. While there is always the busy-ness of opening the cabin for the season – mowing, cleaning, defrosting, de-bugging, there is always time for laughing and crying and playing and praying and family visiting and reading and singing and staying up late and sleeping in and….well, I’m sure you get my drift. I was having such a great time that I totally failed to take my traditional cabin pictures – but you can check here to see the ones from our trip earlier this spring. And here are just a couple from our day visiting family in Waitsfield, VT. This is the Mad River – though it doesn’t look very mad here!
And a wonderful covered bridge….

So, here we are in New Jersey. It still makes me smile to think how we’ve been “on the road” for close to two years, and here we are in NEW JERSEY! However, there are new things to be discovered everywhere, and today we drove to a lovely little community near Toms River and found out just how pretty that river’s edge could be (thanks, Michelle!).

Tomorrow we get to work at whatever they have for us to do. I’m not sure anyone has a firm handle what exactly that will be so I’ll fill in the details when I get them!

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