I’m a Jersey Girl?

Despite the Nor’easter that settled over the area about mid-week, this has been a delightful week. We’re getting into the groove here at Keswick – and have had a grand time doing it. There are three other couples here – and two of them have been coming to Keswick so they are very familiar with both the staff and the facility. The guys have been doing some basic maintenance and we ladies started out in some of the beautiful gardens and then moved to waiting on tables when we got rained out. It’s been fun interacting with the guests and I certainly enjoyed my time in the dining room (especially when compared to weeding!)
Keswick is a very interesting project. There are actually two parts of this ministry. The larger is the conference center, where they offer both Keswick run events along with renting out their facilities for other groups to use. (There are 5 such groups here right now). But the “smaller” side of Keswick is really where the heart of the ministry is. This is the Colony of Mercy The Colony of Mercy is more than just a place. It is a fellowship of men who are serious about life change as a way out of bondage to addictive, compulsive behaviors. (or life dominating behaviors.) We seek a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as the source of hope and transformation in becoming the man that God desires us to become. There are about 35 men in the program right now and part of their rehab is to work at the conference center – everything from grounds keeping to building maintenance to kitchen/dining room. So we have been able to meet and get to know some of these men. I should say we have ben blessed to be able to meet and get to know these men. So its been a good week here at Keswick.

And then today we drove back to Doylestown for a graduation party. It was wonderful to see old friends and really have a good chance to sit and catch up.
Tomorrow we’ll be worshiping over at The Colony.
And then Monday it’s back to work….maybe if the sun stays out for awhile I can even get some pictures taken!

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