Some Keswick Shots

Sunday was a lovely day, and Gary & I took a stroll around the property (well, at least part of it!). Here are just a couple of photos from our walk.
This is the lake that is just behind the main building. We looked for paddles to enjoy a canoe ride, but no luck. But it certainly looked inviting!

And this is the chapel at the Colony. It is quite beautiful in its simplicity.

This promises to be a good week for our gardening endeavors. With four of us working away, it goes pretty quick (the nice damp sandy soil helps too!). We’ll be weeding and planting for the rest of the week for sure! But, I’m taking Wednesday off and joining my Plumstead Quilting buddies for the annual trek to Lancaster. Just one other “perk” for being in the East for the summer! Gary is staying at Keswick, but since they feed us two meals a day, I think he’ll be just fine!

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