Is it hot there too?

It’s a scorcher today – a good chance to stay inside with the A/C and get you all caught up on our comings and going. And we have been doing a fair bit of comin’ and goin’!
Tuesday afternoon I headed to Doylestown to join my quilting buddies on their Wednesday jaunt to Lancaster. I also managed to squeeze in a quick trip to HPI (my job in my previous lifetime), have a great visit with son Josiah, and help Janet make pirogues for her daughter’s wedding (we made 180 – a good start on the 700+ she figures she needs to make!) Wednesday’s Lancaster Adventure was great fun. It was wonderful to catch up with these dear friends that were such a big part of my “pre-trip” life. Here we are at our final stop (Shady Maple) after a full day of spending PCS’s money for next year’s quilt auction. Despite the fuzziness of the picture, we had a great day!

Back to Keswick and a final day of work before our lovely three day weekend. Friday we headed to the Jersey Shore. First we went to Seaside Heights, and then we headed to Barnegat Lighthouse. (If you are at all familiar with the Jersey shore, you know that while these are right next to each other on the map, they require a fair number of miles to get from one to the other. Hey, we were passengers, not route-makers!). We never quite got to put our feet in the ocean (too cheap to buy a beach tag!), but it was fun walking on the boardwalk and climbing up the lighthouse. And fun to spend some “downtime” with our Sower friends. Saturday we went to the Columbus Flea Market and then the cold I was incubating demanded that we return home and curl up in bed. I obeyed!

Today promises to be quiet – I have graciously shared my cold with Gary, and now both of us are looking forward to the proverbial Sunday afternoon NAP. We’ll keep the phone close by though, so the kids can call for Father’s Day! (Which, by the way, they all did!)

Here are some shots from our time at the Shore –
The beach
and the boardwalk

Hope your weekend was a good one. Tonight I was honored to be at the graduation of one of the Colony guys. It was an inspiring way to end the weekend. A true testimony of God’s Grace in action. We’ll be keeping him in our prayers.

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