And then there was Nazareth……

We’ve had some pretty nice days on the road. Tuesday we made it to Phillipsburg, NJ where some friends that we hadn’t seen in years retrieved us from the Walmart parking lot and had us over for dinner. It was great to catch up with them – and I know we’ll make every effort to connect again when we’re in the area. Wednesday we moved all the way to Easton, PA (about 15 miles!), unhooked the truck and took a spin down to hometown to pick up our mail and a cabinet – but more important to have dinner with the Ikoniaks, son Josiah and his girlfriend, Abigail. It was a good visit, and we were glad we made the trip. Today was our appointment to get Lizzie inspected, so we ended milling around the Easton area while she was in the shop. We had hoped to go to the Crayola Crayon factory, but it was closed due to all the flooding. So instead we headed to Nazareth which was founded in 1740 by a group of Moravians. We did a little walking tour around town and then went to the C.F. Martin Guitar factory. Now I know very little about guitars, but that was one impressive tour. Each guitar, whether it sells for $200.00 or $15,000.00, is essentially handmade. It takes, on average, three months to make each guitar. The process is so labor intensive that I actually find it hard to believe that any of them sell for even $200.00. If you are ever in the Easton area, make sure you stop in for this (free!) tour. It was great.
Tonight is a “Flying J” night – and then tomorrow it’s into the project we go. I’m glad we got here early. It’s beginning to rain again, just what this over-saturated area needs!
Ah, life on the road!

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