Chambermaid reporting in….

Well, our Fourth was a Good Day – how was yours? It played out a little differently than we had planned, but nonetheless, it included a little patriotism, a little comradery, a lot of great food, some good entertainment and fine display of fireworks. We had planned to take the day off, but we offered to help out with the Chicken BBQ that was held here, and that was probably the best part of the day. Sitting around a campfire with friends watching the fireworks on the next hill was a perfect ending!

I reorganized our desk “stuff” into our new desk unit. I figure a little organization is good for the soul! And yes, you can even do renovations when you live in a 40 ft long tube!

Oh – the chambermaid thing? Monday was spent stripping beds at the conference center and today was spent making them up again. Ah, the life of the Sower!

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