Back from Ohio……

Sorry it’s been a while, friends.
Our time in Ohio was grand! It took a little while for Hayley (20 months) to figure out who we were, but Ellie warmed right up to us. I won’t do a blow by blow of our days there, but suffice it to say it was full of giggles and hugs and tickles and kisses. Along with going to the zoo, checking out a local car show and some miscellaneous shopping, we also managed to get some house chores done too. The time there just flew by – and now we are home again in Montrose, PA. We’ll be here through this weekend, still helping out where we can.
I’ve uploaded several pictures from our weekend in Ohio that you can see here. Here’s just a preview…..
Take a glass of milk, a stack of Oreos and a 20 month old darlin’ – and this is what you get!
We had a great time at the zoo – here’s our little Ellie with her friend, the gorilla statue.

And then the whole family –

And here is a shot of Pops reading to the girls. Too bad Hayley had to take a call during the story! 🙂

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