Mornings the way I like ’em

I have a few minutes here at my sister’s internet connection, so here’s a quick hello from Vermont.
To some the “down” side of staying at the cabin for two weeks (no running water, outhouse, no communications w/outside world, etc.) may seem daunting. However, when this is the view as I lounge over my second cup of coffee….
none of those minor inconvienences seem to matter in the least.
Oh, and did I mention the view at the other end of the day?

Our time here has been great! We’ve started a couple of projects (well, Gary has started a couple of projects. I’ve actually only started a couple of books!), slept later than we have in a good long while, spent some time with family (more to come, I hope), and generally decompressed aftere the hectic days of pre-wedding activities.

Back to the cabin I go, tra la, tra la!

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