Life’s a bowl of Cabin Berries


Fresh Blueberry Pancakes with Vermont Maple Syrup at 10AM at the cabin. Must be the perfect breakfast.

It’s hard to believe that our two weeks here at the cabin are almost over. The weather has been very cooperative, giving us a rainy day when we needed to be lazy and sunshine when we needed to be productive. Actually, Gary (as usual) has been the most productive, but I try to be the support team. Today (Friday) he is trying to finish up all his outside work while I work on the inside. Tomorrow we hit the dump with all of our trash, set fire to the burn pit, and then just enjoy the rest of the day. ‘Cause on Sunday we head back to Doylestown and our dear Lizzie.

We’ve had company the last couple of days – my dear friend Lynne C. came for a mid-week weekend. Since hubby Roger was down with a bad back and couldn’t come, Gary sent Lynne & I off for a Girls Day Out on Wednesday. I must confess, we had a great time! It was back roads and hiking trails, factory tours and family history instead of spas and manicures, but oh what fun we had. We hiked up Owls Head Overlook (spectacular and well worth the short steep climb), took the Cabot Cheese Factory Tour (where we got to sample all of the varieties of their wonderful cheddar cheese (and call it lunch)), took the cross country (i.e. dirt) road to East Calais where my family has a homestead that was built by my great-great uncle and is now owned by an association of Dwinell descendants, visited the cemetery where my great-great parents, great grandparents, and miscellaneous other relatives rest in peach, stopped to see some friends of Lynne’s brother, and then scoped out another hike (Kettle Pond) that we decided to take the next day with Gary. Back to the cabin and then out to dinner (after all, we were too tired to cook after our mini-road trip!). It was a memorable day all around.

Thursday we did indeed head back to Kettle Pond for the 3 mile loop hike. It was a great hike – not too strenuous, but with great beauty all around. We took pictures of everything from the view of Owls Head to mushrooms along the path. It was a beautiful walk, until Gary got a very painful sting/bite by an unknown insect/spider. Fearing an adverse reaction to the bite (and knowing we weren’t going to be able to carry him!) we made a quick exit for the last mile of the loop. Although the sting was very painful, no other symptoms developed so we headed back to the cabin so Gary could prop up his injured foot. Lynne left for home and the rest of the day was quiet and uneventful.

Oh, the Cabin Berries? Yesterday I went blackberry picking. Yummmmmmmmm…..

How very blessed we are to have this quiet place to come and refresh ourselves.

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  1. What great pics these are, Steph! The blackberries were still in fine form when I was up this weekend. And, thanks for the fire. I’ll show you pics of the “real” thing when I see you next.

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