Virginia is for Lovers…..

We left DC and wrapped up our DC touring with Mt. Vernon. I think my last trip to Mt. Vernon was when I was senior in high school! Although I’m sure the house is still pretty much the same, many other features have been added – gardens, a primitive farm, etc. The weather was gray and gloomy, but visit good. Plus they had plenty of room for us to park Lizzie!

And the, westward we go! Manassas here we come! We were able to combine touring the Manassas Battlefield and surrounding area with dinner with some dear Sower friends. It was great combo! These Civil War Battlefields are all so beautiful. It was hard to imagine that such a peaceful setting could have been home to so much death.

manasss8 manassas9 manassas4 manassas2

Tonight we’re wrapping up a sweet visit with family – my nephew Mike, wife Robyn and beautiful daughter Molly. Mike has just started with a medical practice here in Front Royal (they sure are making doctors young these days!) so it was a treat to be able to connect with them before we head south on the Skyline Drive.

Fitz Family_edited molly1

This is a very beautiful area, especially dressed up in beautiful fall colors. We took in a couple of wine tastings, but the scenery was so spectacular it was hard to concentrate on the wine!


Want to see more Virginia pictures? Click here!

Tomorrow morning (Monday) we head down the Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway(hopefully the bumper to bumper traffic has all gone back to work!). Our final destination – Toccoa Falls College, Toccoa, Georgia. It will be our November project and we’ll be working with some dear friends. Gary is looking forward to doing something other than HVAC for a spell. And I am looking forward to getting some quilt projects worked on!

….Monday morning… phone charge died before I could get this posted last night. Ah, the joys of internet connections! Quick hugs to the Fitzpatricks and on to the Skyline Drive we go!

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