Finally – I can order off the “Seniors Page” at Denny’s!

Today is my 55th birthday. There. It’s out in the open. I now can join AARP, get the Senior Day discount at Kohls, and order from the “Seniors Menu” from any number of restaurants. All THAT good news aside, it was a great day. We Sower Ladies took the day off, and after a yummy Vanilla Latte, we headed to the local outlet mall where I managed to pretty much wrap up my Christmas shopping. Other highlights of the day included an amazing “Happy Birthday” song from my granddaughters, calls and emails from kids and sibs and friends, and another rousing chorus of Happy B-day from my co-workers (along with a GREAT chocolate cake!). All in all, a fine birthday!

And to make the day just a little bit sweeter – here are some new pictures of our little ones. Ah, Christmas (and our visit with them) is only 6 weeks away!
Ellie with her new hair cut….
Hayley playing on the driveway….
And one of the two girls together!

Soooooo cute!

2 thoughts on “Finally – I can order off the “Seniors Page” at Denny’s!”

  1. Happy Birthday Aunt Steph! Glad to hear you’ll be saving so much money 😀

    Say, next time you talk to Jos let him know we’d like to have them over for dinner soon!


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