Deck the halls….

OK – so there’s not a lot of decorating space in our little home, but I did what I could. Gary was pretty surprised that I had any Christmas decorations with us (it’s surprising what you can fit under that bed!), but since we were going to be stationary through December, I couldn’t resist making home just a little festive. And so we deck our halls….

In other news….
We made our once-a-week trek to the Big City (Dothan, AL) this weekend. With the closest grocery store (and a Piggly Wiggly at that) about 15 miles away and the closest Walmart and Home Depot (not to mention any other store/restaurant that you would be interested in) 35 miles away, we spend the week just writing lists about stuff to pick up once we hit civilization. It’s a fun outing (doesn’t take much to get us excited these days, huh?) – next week maybe we’ll hit the big flea market – whoeee!

And around here? Well, we’re getting to know the folks we’ll be calling family for the next several months. Gary’s official “job” hasn’t started yet, so he’s been busy doing odd jobs – installing a washer & dryer in the kitchen, building shelves, finishing walls, and the like. I’ve been a floater – answering the phone, doing kitchen laundry, fixin’ mustard greens…..whatever! It’s been kind of laid back for us, which I confess has been nice. I’ve been busy working on Christmas surprises….:-).

Have a good week – I think our frigid nights (in the 20’s) are a thing of the past. Should be in the sixties and seventies this week. Ahhhhhh…..

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