A New Week

After a weekend of wild weather – a couple of tornado watches that had us glued to the weather info combined with lots and lots of rain – today has dawned clear and bright. Our neighborhood has grown by almost a dozen RVs, so we’ve been having a good time getting to know the new folks and catching up with some we’ve worked with before. It will be interesting to see how the community gels in the weeks to come!
I’ve moved from doing kitchen laundry to answering phones in the office. It appears that my “long-term” job will be covering the phones and other assorted office jobs in the afternoons. Gary’s A/C assignment seems to still be a bit in the future. However, he is content to do whatever job is at hand, so no problem there.

Today, before I check in at the office, I get to help make bread pudding for 65 hungry teenagers (plus 30 or so hungry senior citizens). What do you think – chocolate chips or raisins?

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