Back at the Ranch….


Yes, a new batch of piggys is one of the more exciting events around here. You should see how excited we get when we know a calf is about to be born!!!

All farming aside, just thought I’d check in to let you’all know we’re still alive and kicking! We’ve enjoyed having a bigger group of volunteers here, and some of them have become dear friends. Lots of laughter as we share each other’s stories about life with a couple of corny jokes thrown in for good measure. The weather has changed from beautiful and sunny (it’s been in the 70’s for the last week or so) to “cold” (50’s) and cloudy. At least it’s not snow and freezing rain. 🙂

Oh- a little wedding goodness – I found a little cottage to rent just outside of Lancaster where the whole family can stay AND we can have the rehearsal dinner there. SSSWWWWEET! I had been hoping to find a B&B that we could all fit into (and afford!), but to have an entire establishment to ourselves is just a delight. Verdant View’s Little White House – here we come!

One more sunset shot – niiiiice!

Sunset at TC

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