Parents’ Weekend at Teen Challenge

The teenage boys that come here usually come kicking and screaming (sometimes literally!). But this past weekend there were more hugs than kicks. More quiet words than screams. And hopefully more healing than hurting.

But on other notes – sorry for the long pause in my posts. Between some internet “issues” and just not a whole lot of stuff going on, I’ve been negligent in keeping you up to date on our adventure. So, here are just a couple of high points of the last couple of weeks (I’m omitting the trips to Walmart and Home Depot, and the fact that I won at Crazy Uno last week!)

  • A great concert by The Hoppers. Yes, it’s true, I’m hanging around with a gang of Southern Gospel groupies! The concert was excellent!
  • A trip to Ft. Rucker (outside of Enterprise, AL) – Home of Army Aviation. There was a very interesting museum there – US Army Aviation Museum (focusing on Helicopters) and we also did a quick stop at the commissary (due to the fact that our friends were retired military!)
  • Ft. Ruckers Aviation Museum

  • Gary took a day off and went horseback riding with the head of maintenance here and the three cadets that graduated on Sunday. They had a good time and wonderful fellowship, but I think all of them decided that 5 hours in the saddle was about 4 hours too long (especially the next day).
  • And another Southern Gospel Concert – The Blackwood Gospel Quartet. The most impressive part of this concert was the second half when they took audience requests and sang them acapella. It was amazing!
  • We got together one Sunday with a couple that we knew very briefly in the mid-eighties (Bob & Sally Marsh). We were able to worship with them and then enjoy a good Olive Garden dinner. It was fun connecting with them again and doing some massive catch-up on our respective families. Thank-you, Bonnie, for nudging us in the right direction!
  • Oh – and we paid $1.81/gal for gas last weekend. Ah, the blessing of a local gas war!
  • We’ll be snuggling under the down comforter tonight – it’s already 28 out there. I guess they didn’t get the FLORIDA memo!

    I think we’re driving to Panama City this weekend! I’ll keep you posted……

    2 thoughts on “Parents’ Weekend at Teen Challenge”

    1. Southern gospel music doesn’t get any better than The Hoppers!!! We became acquainted with them through the Gaither Homecomings. Great stuff!!

    2. Stephanie:

      You will not believe this but I know Bob & Sue Marsh. They were Aunt & Uncle to our friend who died almost 20 years ago from cancer, Marilyn McClellan. Sue Marsh was also involved with our friends wedding some 50 years ago (Pastor Walt & Dolores Kruckow). Small world. (I know about them, they don’t remember me)

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