A Sobering Week

Last week was a week like none we’ve experienced yet.
We bid farewell to several good friends as they headed off to new projects. A new volunteer couple came in on Tuesday, and as they were setting up the husband suffered a stroke. It seemed mild – he was talking and responding well, but they airlifted him to Dothan nonetheless. On the way to the hospital he had another episode, and by the next morning he was gone. It’s had quite an impact on the boys here, not to mention the rest of us and has brought home to all of us that none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. The Lord does indeed determines our coming and our going.

Father, I know that all my life
Is portioned out for me;
The changes that are sure to come,
I do not fear to see:
I ask thee for a present mind,
Intent on pleasing thee.

On another note…..
Our weekend was pretty busy. The kitchen manager is off on a much needed vacation, so Gary & I were the Kitchen Crew for the weekend. We really enjoyed working with the four cadets that came in each meal time. They have been in the program for several months and are very open about how the Lord is working in their lives. It’s amazing the conversations you can have while you’re chopping carrots!

And one of the other great things about working in the kitchen is that after you’ve made all the mess of preparing and serving the meal, the “kitchen detail” gang comes in and cleans it all up. Sweet!

Stay warm!

One thought on “A Sobering Week”

  1. I am so impressed with your entries. It is such an encouragement to read about all the great ministry you are involved in AND all the rich and Biblical perspectives you are gaining. It almost feels like we are traveling with you. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing. The photos are great too. I’ve used a few for my computer desktops AND if you come by FBCDoylestown you’ll notice that the Women’s Ministry posters feature one of your photos taken Vermont. Sorry for not asking permission. But as they say . . .

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