Rolane’s Brunch Casserole

144 eggs
3 gallons milk
15 lbs. sausage
6 steam table pans of last week’s crusts
10# grated cheese

All together it made for 66 smiling faces on this Sunday morning.

Oh, and the warm sticky buns were a big hit too – even though they came right out of the “tube”!

Tomorrow I think they’re back to cheese grits! :-/

One thought on “Rolane’s Brunch Casserole”

  1. Hello, it’s Cadet Montgomery’s mom – as far as cheese grits – Zach loves them so he will be glad about them making their return although he likes the recipe with eggs and sausage and bread but I call it Christmas breakfast and make it with a lot less ingredients…hee hee.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week and thank you so much for sharing your talents towards such a worthy cause. God has so radically changed my son and he is growing by leaps and bounds in the Lord. It is because of people like you that he has the opportunity to see God in Action.


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