Vero Beach

Tomorrow is the last day of our time here at Life for Youth Camp in Vero Beach, FL. We’ve been enjoying the “Southeast Sower Reunion” – which is really just a wonderful excuse to get together with about 60 other Sower couples and have a grand time. We’ve been able to connect with friends we’ve made over the 2 1/2 years we’ve been doing Sower projects, plus we’ve been meeting lots of new couples. These folks really do become family, and it’s been a refreshing couple of days – lots of laughter, sharing, praying and praise. We’re very glad we came! Tonight there was some special entertainment – the Rivoli Revue. They were VERY funny – probably because most of their songs and jokes related to the RV lifestyle. They mixed in some heartfelt gospel along with the lighthearted songs (“Bury me at Walmart”), and it was a very enjoyable evening.

Tomorrow we begin the drive north. We’ll pick up 95 right here in Vero Beach and drive and drive and drive and drive and drive up 95 until we hit Philadelphia. The prize at the end (friends in Doylestown and then family in Lancaster) will make the trip worth it and we have a couple of books on tape to pass the time so it shouldn’t be too bad. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

It was 85 here today – we’ll try to bring some of the warmth north with us!

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