Spring is busy springin’

I know, I know – many of you are still recovering from the nasty Nor’easter that hit the Northeast (duh!) last weekend. But down here…well, spring is moving right along! The trees are budding, the grass is greening up and the wisteria is going crazy! Of course, the allergies are also kicking in, but all in all, we’re delighted. Here are some of my favorite spring shots
First, the wisteria…. so pretty!
And one of the first crops is the Snow Pea….yummmmm
And if the peas are ready, there must be some pea pickers around…..

And, if the flowers are bloomin’ then the farmyard must be bustin’….
Baby Chicks….
And yes, there is even a new batch of piggies…

Oh, and did I mention it’s going to be 80 tomorrow? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Spring is busy springin’”

  1. Loved the pictures of the wisteria and baby animals. We’re going to have a freezing Easter, so I’ll enjoy it vicariously through your photos. Jenny K

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