Loose Ends

First of all…. there is some news I’ve been meaning to share…..
You all know Ellie and Hayley…..

elliecrop hayleycrop

Well, they are getting ready to add another sibling to the family! Baby #3 is due in early November – and we’re all very excited!

blank photo

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting to hear about the Big Game last Monday (no, not OSU and FSU but TC against the guys in red). It was a Great Game – but we lost by 2 points. One basket. It was a heartbreak – but a wonderful game. The league they play in is an intramural league from Baptist College of Florida, so while the game was a disappointment, it still was a great season. I mean after all, they are playing against college kids! Probably the best part of the evening, though, was after the game. Since many members of the basketball team were leaving for the TC Guatemalan mission trip the next day, everyone gathered around and offered up prayer on their behalf. Very cool.

This weekend, along with being Easter, was also Parents Weekend. For some of these boys, it was the first time they’d seen their parents in 4 months. It was a busy, busy time. The kitchen manager was on that mission trip, so Gary & I worked in the kitchen over the weekend. It was a smaller crowd than usual, between the mission gang that was gone and the 15 cadets and parents who were allowed off campus, and we were working with a great group of 2nd platooners, so it was a very fun weekend. But I must admit, it was very tiring too! The cook is gone for another week, but the assistant cook will be in this week, so we’ll return to a more normal schedule. Gary will continue to cover breakfast for the rest of the week though, so he’ll be especially glad to see Annette return! We all will be!
Here is our basic crew – we sure do love these guys! And we couldn’t have done the weekend without them!

And finally….a couple of roadside shots. Texas may have their blue bonnet wildflowers, but North Florida has these beautiful red clover fields. These fields were actually prettier last week, but I didn’t have the camera.

IMG_7419_edited IMG_7418_edited IMG_7421_edited

IMG_7422_edited clover

So that about ties up the loose ends that I can think of. I hope your Resurrection Day was blessed.

3 thoughts on “Loose Ends”

  1. Wow! Congratulations on the advent of grandbaby #3. I love your pictures of the clover fields. Our fields are still very white with more white predicted tomorrow. Ah, Spring (sigh).
    I leave for the Chicago quilt show on Friday. I’m looking forward to a change of scenery and maybe even some greenish grass. I’m keeping out of trouble though volunteering at two galleries. All of a sudden I feel awfully busy.

  2. Wow – Chicago! Some day we’ll have to meet at one of those big shows. How fun would THAT be!
    And I know how busy that volunteering stuff can make you….:-)
    Safe travels!

  3. Congratulation on Gandbaby #3. You’ll soon be up to me. We have 6. Jeff & Jennifer had #3 in Nov. A girl named Kelsey Lynn. Love the website-look at it all the time to see what adventure you are on. It’s great eventhough I don’t respond very much. Congrats also on you wedding and how well it seemed to have gone. Sounds like they are happy. Great pics!!

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