A little detour

So here was our plan….
Since we couldn’t arrive at our May project before Thursday , we worked it out so we would arrive at a nearby Walmart early this morning. From there we were going to drive the truck into Augusta to check out places to go and things to see, spend the night at the Walmart and then head into our project in the morning. However, as sometimes happens, there were signs posted all over the parking lot stating – NO RV PARKING. Hmmmm. Could be we might be noticed. Ok, so it called for a little re-grouping. We pulled out the map, check for any local campgrounds, and ended up at Magnolia Springs State Park, just 10 miles or so down the road. So instead of looking out the window at a big old parking lot (and then there is always the possibility of that middle of the night parking lot cleaner), we have this view….
Pretty sweet, doncha think? 🙂
Here are a couple of other shots….
Looking up to Lizzie (look carefully and you can see Gary enjoying the quiet)
A close-up (and a little blurry) view of the lake…
There were several of these alligator warning signs, but we only spotted a couple of turtles. Phew…
(have you ever seen a tame alligator?)
So tomorrow, instead of hurrying on to the project, we’ll linger over breakfast and take a walk down to the Spring and check out the free Bo Ginn Aquatic Education Center.
Sometimes a bit of a detour is just what the Dr. ordered!!

Ah, a little bit of sad news…our coffee maker carafe imploded tonight. Gary says he’ll figure out something for tomorrow – but there’s always that not-too-RV friendly Walmart that probably has something to sell us. Well, it had a good life.

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