Weekend Wanderings

We put a couple extra miles on the truck this weekend.
Saturday we headed south to Vidalia, GA for the Annual Vidalia Onion Festival. We were hoping to experience “all things onion”, but unfortunately that was not to be. The downtown was supposed to be full of sidewalk sales and fun things to do, but it was a really full of neither. One street performer and rack of prom dresses pretty much summed it up. (Now we were there right at 10AM when the festival was supposed to start, but still….). OK, so we decided to head out of town to the Pecan Orchard Farm where they were having a family fun day (for $6.00/person). This surprisingly was the better part of the day, since after a hayride which took us through the pecan grove, over the land bridge (stop to feed the invisible fish), out to greet the cows (who were intent on eating the hay in our wagon), and then for a quick stop at the pig pen, we ended up in the onion field. And there, we got to pick our own onions (with no limit!). We had visions of French onion soup and carmalized onions over brats, so we went a little crazy. But we did leave with two very full shopping bags of yummy Vidalia onions. Back to town…Ok, let’s try the Arts & Crafts Festival ($3.00/ea) – maybe that’s where all the onion stuff was. Nope. There was one booth with fried onion rings and one booth with bloomin’ onions – but the rest were very generic beads and baubles, wood and candles, hot dogs and funnel cakes. The last remaining “event” was the air show ($10.00/ea) – and well, we just weren’t ready to risk it. I guess we’ll have to figure out our own “all things onion” with our bounty. And since it was a 200 mile round trip – well, they had better be pretty darn good!

Today we headed north – up to Thomson, GA, a suburb of Augusta. We had tracked down some friends we hadn’t seen in about 15 years, and surprised them by showing up at their church (he’s a pastor). What a treat it was to spend the afternoon with old friends. We’re trying to work out getting together with them next week in Augusta. Should be fun! Even if it doesn’t work out for next weekend, I know we’ll work harder at staying in touch!

Tomorrow we start our work week. There is only one other Sower couple here – Jerry & Betty, and they have been at this project several times before. It’s nice to be working with a couple that already knows the ropes. The guys have a long list of building maintenance chores, and it looks like we ladies will be working in the warehouse. It’s a book warehouse, so it should be fun! (And air conditioned – it’s supposed to be 90 by Wednesday!) Let me know if you have any books you’d like me to keep an eye out for!

Gary turned 57 on Saturday. I still like him pretty well!

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