Johnson City, here we come!

We head out on a little mini-adventure this afternoon. All four of us will be heading to Johnson City for a day or two to re-assemble the office cubicles that the guys dis-assembled last week. The drive to Johnson City takes us through some beautiful country (and Asheville, NC where we get to stop for a quick visit with my nephew and his wife – Jon & Emily 🙂 ), so we’re excited about our little side trip – especially since someone else will pay for the gas and accommodations! Gotta love it!

Have a blessed Lord’s Day all!

One thought on “Johnson City, here we come!”

  1. Hey if you ever come near Charlotte/Concord NC and need a place to camp out – we have an RV pad…(the guy we bought our house from had an RV.

    I hope you don’t mind – I copied and pasted what was up with you guys in my letter to Zach because he did state he missed you guys….so I thought I would let him know how you were doing.

    Amy & Drew

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