R&R beneath the Dam

We’ve been resting and relaxing here at Long Branch Campground since Monday. This Army Corp of Engineers campground is located just below the Center Hill Dam. So far, so good – the dam has held. (Like it has since 1949). The Center Hill Dam takes the Caney Fork River and makes it into the enormous Center Hill Lake. I think we’re the only folks in the campground without a boat of some type or at least a slew of fishing poles! We’ve been having a good time exploring the area. We started right at the campground by climbing up the dam (well, the embankment part of it at least.) It’s about 250 ft. UP. Man, are we out of shape! We took the kinder and gentler road on the way back down! On our trip to the nearby Edgar Evins State Park we walked out on a point and at the very end saw about 50 Gar (big, pointed snout fish) having a party. They were all swimming in clusters – I’d never seen that kind of fish before, let alone so many of them hanging around so close to shore. It was pretty cool to watch. Yesterday we went to Burgess Falls State Natural Area, where we enjoyed a beautiful hike. There were three main sets of falls – small, medium and large. The large one had an overlook, and then a path down to the bottom. We felt up to the challenge and proceeded down the path. Even when the sign said END OF TRAIL, we continued on and actually got to the very bottom of the falls. Pretty darn impressive! (both the sight of the falls, and that we old folks actually made it down and back!)

Today is a quiet catch-up day. I’m busy packing for Vermont and making sure that all of my stuff is put away since I won’t be back before Gary moves Lizzie to our June project. Our neighborhood is filling up. When we arrived on Monday only about 10 of the 60 spots were taken. All 60 will be filled by this evening (more boats, more fishing poles!). I’ll be leaving early early tomorrow morning to catch my flight out of Nashville, but Gary will be around for the next week. I’m sure he’ll be making lots of new friends! I’m leaving my cell phone and computer behind so it will be pretty quiet until next weekend. Ah, the good old days……

OK – here’s a sampling of pictures from this week’s adventures.
This is the hill/dam we climbed up – I’m not sure you can get the entire feel for how steep that was, but trust me, it was hand over hand.
This is a view from the top of the dam – that’s our RV pretty much in the center.
These shots are from our walk at Edgar Evins State Park. The view of the dam is from an observation tower.

evins3 evins2 CHdam2

Somehow I always overdo the number of waterfall pictures I take. I’ve tried to limit them here – but here are the three sizes available at Burgess Falls – Small, Medium & Large. (Can you find the fishermen at the base of the large fall? That’s where we walked to!)

small medium large

So of course if you’d like to see more pictures of waterfalls, shorelines and dams, you can go here
But this one I couldn’t resist. I think they need a new sign carver:-).


Gotta get to bed – the truck is leaving at 5:30am for the airport! Yippee!!! Girls’ Week!!!

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